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Jon Courtenay: ‘The Funniest Show With A Piano’

From the virtual audience of Britain’s Got Talent to the intimate stage of Ipswich’s Corn Exchange! 

Ipswich-born Jon Courtenay kicked off his UK ‘Funniest Show With A Piano’ tour with a bang by returning to his roots. His first tour since winning Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) didn’t disappoint, bringing all of the camp, over-exaggerated and quick-witted humour audiences have been craving since watching him on their televisions at home. 

Filled with infectious joy, Jon wowed audiences with his fantastical piano playing, using the rhyming scheme of traditional music to place a few puns, double entendres and, as Jon noted himself, dad jokes. Although initially seeming nervous, as can only be expected, Jon settled in comfortably to his show, making sure to engage with the eager audience. 

The show focuses a microscope on every aspect of his life, from being a young magician performing on the Corn Exchange stage, to being a performer on a cruise ship, to winning BGT. As promised, Jon spills all sorts of secrets about his time on the infamous show, detailing what was taken out and the personal struggles he faced throughout the program. At the end of the show, you can’t help but admire Jon and audience goers can expect to find themselves easily relating to him. 

‘The Funniest Show With A Piano’ was a lot more raw and open than initially expected, somehow perfectly combined with good old-fashioned British humour. Jon hides nothing from the audience, explaining the up’s and down’s he’s experienced in life, both with loss and his own personal health, sometimes making even the saddest of stories seem lighthearted, though not in poor taste.  

The show is a tribute to all of the performers Jon looked up to while still a youngster, so don’t be surprised if you see a few famous stars pop up on his projections, including the likes of Freddie Mercury and, of course, Elvis Presley. 

It’s not all serious however, you can expect cheeky jokes, physical comedy and incredible charisma. He plays some recognisable songs from his time on BGT, as well as some original side-splitting songs about his experiences with social media since becoming famous and his time on cruise ships, the sea shanty being a particular favourite of mine. 

‘The Funniest Show With A Piano’ delivers on everything promised, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and, most importantly, you’ll have a roaring good time. It’s a show filled with heart and has a clear passion for life, music and comedy. It’s one not to be missed! 


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