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by | May 26, 2019 | Reviews

Ipswich Regent

As part of her ‘Guiding Light’ Tour to promote her album of the same name, Katherine Jenkins comes to delight the audience of Ipswich – and what a treat it was.

Touring with The London Concert Orchestra (LCO) with Musical Director Anthony Inglis the evening was a magical moment filled with incredible music.

The LCO performed a couple of pieces before Katherine came out to sing for us, it’s wonderfully uplifting to hear an orchestra play such beautiful music. The format was for the LCO to perform a couple then Katherine Jenkins performed serval songs before she went off for a dress change and left us with the LCO for a couple more.

It was lovely to be able to have alone time with the orchestra and the dress changes were worth the wait as Katherine look stunningly gorgeous in her big dresses, one look slightly heavy due to the enormous train behind. She also had a glittery microphone to match the shoes – every detail filled the theatre with glamour and it was a luxury to allow us a peak into this amazing glamourous world. I’m pleased she didn’t ‘dress down’ for the occasion.

Katherine Jenkins portrays warmth and loveliness throughout her performance while the performance itself was both flawless and effortless. She’s tiny with an incredible voice and to hear it live, with an marvellous orchestra was almost a humbling experience, it filled me with peace.

Katherine moved to all corners of the stage where she could sing to every member of the audience to make us all feel that we were all important. She did very well to pull the larger dresses across the stage, almost effortlessly.

There was conversation between each song and what it meant to her, what the album meant to her. It felt very genuine. As a change from the music she asked for questions & shout outs during half time so the second half included a time where she engaged further with the audience. This showed her sense of humour and kindness.

Songs from the album performed on the night included ‘Never Enough’, ‘Homeward Bound’ ‘ Xander’s Song’ (written for her son), ‘Jealous of the Angels’, all so wonderful and it is certainly worth purchasing the album as the music is so beautiful. Katherine also treated us to performances from opera, musicals, pop and hymns with ‘O Mio Babbino Caro’, a Welsh version of ‘I Will Always Love You’, ‘Music of The Night’, ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ and many others.

The variety was wonderful. Her voice is more versatile than you’d expect, it is not all operatic. She sings with such compassion and empathy and her articulation allows you to hear the words, the story and feel the meaning.

The London Concert Orchestra also performed Swan Lake, such magical music when an orchestra is that good. And yes, the triangle really IS an important instrument in an orchestra.

We felt like honoured guests sharing this wonderful evening of music with her.


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