Lacey Street Blues Band


A very welcome re-issue of this popular Ipswich group’s first and only album. Blues In the Night came out on vinyl in 1985 and got lots of airplay on Radio Caroline. The album was recorded at Ipswich’s Hillside Studios (now Gemini) and sold in seven countries. The following year a different version of the group ventured into The Enid’s studio The Lodge in Clare near Sudbury to record a four track demo with new recruit Earl Howard. Those tracks feature on this CD too. Sadly Earl died of an asthma attack at a gig in 1989. The following year there was a sell-out memorial gig for Earl and since then singer Penny Parks has reformed the group from time to time. Their latest reunion takes place at Venue 77 in Ipswich on Saturday, July 15 when copies of this CD are sure to sell like hot cakes.

Tracks: Blues In The Night/I’ve Got A Man/Ain’t Got You/Cold Cold Feeling/Please Don’t Dog Me/Hey Bartender/Someday Baby/You Can Have My Husband/When The Train Gets Back/Spoonful/Watch Out/Phone Booth Blues/Help Me Through The Day/My Girlish Days/River Deep Mountain High  

Musicians: Penny Parks, John Adams, Steve Waller, Steve Graham, Charles Rickards, Brian Tweed, Earl Howard, Steve Dodd, Andy Barber and Tim Mower