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Inspired by Herman Melville’s seminal novel, Moby Dick, this performance brings James Wilton’s trademark blend of athletic dance, martial arts, capoeira and partner-work to DanceEast this October. Leviathan follows Ahab, a ship captain hell-bent on capturing the white whale: Moby Dick, a beast as vast and dangerous as the sea itself, yet serene and beautiful beyond all imagining. Ahab’s crew are drawn into the unhinged charisma of their captain, blindly following him on his perilous adventure towards almost certain destruction.

James says,

“I’ve always had a fascination with the relationship between man and nature. What interests me most is the way that we fear each other before we fear nature. We worry about other people and the dangers they can do more than we fear the awesome power of the planet”

Featuring a cast of seven dancers including James himself, Leviathan promises edge of your seat, ferocity of movement that James’ work is recognised for. All accompanied by a powerful electro-rock soundtrack by Lunatic Soul. For those inspired by the movement of James Wilton, the performance will be complimented by an energetic and engaging workshop. The physicality of the movement, which shares a lot in common with martial arts and capoeira, is accessible and enjoyable whilst still being fresh and challenging.

“James Wilton is showing himself as one of the UK’s great masterminds of physical movement and exploration” – ALTBLACKPOOL

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””] Leviathan comes to Jerwood Dancehouse on Friday 14th October. For more information, visit:[/box]


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