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Clare Free

I am willing to bet that most UK blues fans, including BBC Radio Suffolk’s Mr Foster, will be aware of the marvellous Clare Free, her three self penned albums garnered plaudits, nominations, awards and radio play galore, but the last of them appeared in 2014, so, pray, do fill in the gaps.

Well the eagle eyed readers of this magazine will have spotted the lady setting out on a mission to play every venue in East Anglia! Since July of this year gigging has been on Clare’s agenda once again and, to those of you with families, the reason is quite straightforward, Clare’s youngest is now of an age where these things are feasible again. And this can only be good news to those venues that value the original above the tributes and covers that currently proliferate.

Happily, for me, I was able to glean this information during a recent telephone interview with the very affable Clare, and in between discussing teenage veganism and the Dutch public transport system she was happy to divulge the big news: Next year, 2018, will see the recording and release of a brand new album, all self written and performed with an electric band which should ensure that another bucket full of accolades will come her way.

In the meantime, next year’s gig diary is already filling up so I urge those of you with a hankering for the blues and beyond to catch her, at a local venue, while you still can, as it can’t be long before the bright lights of East Anglia are in her rear view mirror, she really is that good.

Click here to find Clare’s gigs in our region.

For more info visit Clare’s website