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Finn Doherty

Over the last few years teenager Finn Doherty has been gaining a growing fan base in Norfolk. The release of a new album, The Choice That You Made, has only increased the interest. So, what is it that sets young Finn apart from his contemporaries and has people purring at his songs and performances?

Finn started out as a singer song writer, guitar in hand at gig nights across Norwich – and right from the off got people’s attention. There’s something about him as a person that definitely hooks you in. He’s very likeable, with a warm and engaging personality that comes across on and off stage. Finn always has time for his fans too, something that other young people really like, the fact that he’s so approachable.

Being nice does not make a career though, and as always, it’s the music that matters – and here Finn scores highly too. Catchy melodies with songs that sing about life, often with an unexpected bite to them, showing there’s a little bit more to this artist than you might at first think. Whilst Finn started as a solo artist with guitar in hand and loop pedals under foot, he’s someone always looking to experiment and try something different. Whilst a full band backing may beckon at some stage in the future, right now he’s added an electro accompaniment to live gigs adding an extra layer to his performance.

The new album has ten tracks, a huge leap for any artist to take – and a big step up from his previous EP. The new single Feel So Good shows all of Finn’s strengths – it’s definitely the song you’ll find yourself humming for days – and will surely get him more attention amongst an even wider audience, something that’s richly deserved.

You can catch Finn playing at Trunchonbury Festival on Sunday 26th August with BBC Music Introducing in Norfolk