Hazel O’Connor

A very special evening with the award-winning singer songwriter Hazel O’Connor, featuring a rare screening of the digitally re-mastered, uncut version of the film, followed by an intimate Q&A and live performance of some of the film’s best-loved songs.

Hazel O’Connor became an overnight sensation after her BAFTA nominated portrayal of Kate in the 1980 hit film Breaking Glass. The film depicts the rise of an angry but creative young rock singer; however fame, and its accompanying loss of artistic control, isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Further distress caused by crowd violence, accusations of selling out and drug abuse, leads Kate to have a nervous breakdown.

Hazel not only made the lead role her own, she also wrote all the songs in the film, the first time in history, that a soundtrack was composed, written and performed by a woman. The album ‘Breaking Glass’ went double-platinum during its 38 week chart run, defining Hazel O’Connor as a powerful passionate performer and a force to be reckoned with.

However, in a case of art mirroring life, Hazel soon discovered the incredibly powerful control that record companies could hold over their artists. She explains, “I was paid a pound to sign to my record company. It was ridiculous. I was so happy that somebody wanted me! The day before I was told I was getting the lead part in Breaking Glass the record company told me nobody else wanted to sign me, and so I signed a very long contract. The label, who also had my publishing, leased me out to make the film. I finally ended up having to go to court because there was nothing coming in for me. I was in debt when I shouldn’t have been, because there was a lot of money that rolled in.”

However, those bad times were short-lived and, while A&M records has had its own share of crises, Hazel has remained a well-respected artist. You can find out more about Hazel, the perils of fame, and the joys of artistic freedom in the show’s Q&A session.

Unforgettable songs from the film include ‘Eighth Day’, ‘Will You’, ‘Big Brother’, ‘Decadent Days’, ‘Give Me An Inch’ and ‘Writing On The Wall’. These and more will be performed live by Hazel and her band: Clare Hirst (Bellestars, Communards, David Bowie) on sax, Sarah Fisher (Eurythmics) on keyboards and Josh Blackmore (Troyka, Strobes) on percussion

The show will be followed by a meet and greet.

Hazel O’Connor and Breaking Glass will be at The Apex on Wednesday 5 December at 7pm. Tickets are standing £26, contact the Box Office on 01284 758000 or see the website www.theapex.co.uk for more details or to book.