Open Mic – Dare to Try?

Getting up on stage and performing for the first time can be pretty intimidating. You might be in a new environment, around new people, or out of your comfort zone- and it is for these reasons that many aspiring musicians find it very difficult to sign their names down for their local Open Mic nights.

Being fairly new to the local music scene myself, I remember vividly the feeling of performing at the Open Mic for the first time. I was intensely nervous, but it was an amazing experience nonetheless, and it is an experience that you grow more accustomed to and more confident with every time you decide to join in. One of the most intimidating things about Open Mic nights is the pressure that a musician might feel to perform their set perfectly, but I would argue that one of the most important things about these nights is that no one cares if you mess up. Honestly, the majority of the audience won’t even realise if you do.

Open Mic nights are a fantastic way for aspiring musicians to introduce themselves to their local music scene, they encourage musicians to collaborate and work together, and they can help you to gain confidence when performing in front of a crowd.

So if you’ve often wanted to perform at one of these nights but have been too worried or too nervous, I would highly recommend that you try to overcome those nerves and give it a shot. Who knows where it will lead!

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