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Oysterband @ The John Peel Centre, Stowmarket

5 November 2016

It will not have escaped your notice that the above date is Guy Fawkes Day, and Oysterband are here to perform. The analogy is obvious but the cliché warning beacon is starting to flash so I will desist. Whatever the day, whatever the month Oysterband always parade their box of musical fireworks, and take great delight in celebrating rebels like Guy Fawkes.

Throughout their forty year career Oysterband have always been more than happy to create their brand of folk music from outside the mainstream box, so consistently excellent has their output been that their audience has migrated to them rather than the band giving any quarter, and that is a good thing. To illustrate the point their latest compilation “This house will stand” is excellent and full of stuff that didn’t make it first time around.

Oysterband have been the recipients of many BBC Radio two folk awards and nominations, all well deserved but their appeal reaches far beyond the folk confines and well into the preserve of what is called indie rock, especially given their inclination to cover songs by Joy Division and New Order.

Enough background, it is suffice to know that the now six piece Oysterband will rock your soul and tear your heart strings with the rhythms of British folk and hard hitting lyrics, and send you home wrapped in a warming glow and the thought that the world is not a bad place despite its ills.

A final thought, the great man whose name adorns this venue played them often, what bigger recommendation do you need?