Penguins Go Pop Launch New Song

Penguins Go Pop are due to release their moon landing celebratory song ‘How An Astronaut Feels’ on Saturday the 20th July 2019 – 50 years after that momentous moment in history took place. Indeed Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong are mentioned in the song itself.

The band are launching the single with a gig on Sunday 14th July at the Last Pub Standing in Norwich between 6.45 and 9pm, and entry is free. 

Originally written by frontman and songwriter Richard Penguin as King Penguin with John Bygrave the song has been a key part of the penguins set since original members Richard and Mark Wyatt reformed the band in late 2013.

‘The song is a joyous celebration of a magnificent moment in time’ said Richard and it has led to up to 30 people at gigs joining him on the Astronaut dance,  something that has to be seen to be believed.

To those who don’t know, Penguins Go Pop were popular in the late 80s and early 90s, reformed in October 2013, and have won over many new friends and fans in the last few years with their catchy, quirky songs with offbeat and amusing stories.

Original members Richard Penguin (Vocals, songs and conga), Mark Wyatt (guitar and vocals), and drummer Andy Mickleburgh (who only plays an occasional gig now), are now joined by Dave Clark (Drums), Pete Moore (bass) and Liz Moore (Keyboards, violin, saxophone, and vocals) and an album ’20th Century Pop’ was released in late 2018.

They are playing a mix of Richard’s songs from the original line up and songs that he recorded as King Penguin, with new songs currently being worked on. They have also been working in the last few years with film maker Richard Rix who has made videos to all of the songs, including ‘How an Astronaut Feels’  which are used as backdrops during their concerts. The band have played extensively across Norfolk and Suffolk in the last few years, aim to put a smile on people’s faces during austere and bleak times, and seem to be succeeding.

The song is available to download from iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and other notable outlets. The album can also be bought through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon or by contacting the band through Facebook for physical CD copies. For more information, visit