At FolkEast – Pose for a Folkie

Never heard of 'a folkie'? Read on

Just like the team that put FolkEast together, the team at Grapevine like to be inventive whilst enjoying life.  We have invented a new social media term: “The Folkie”.

A Folkie is very similar to a Selfie but it must feature you and a folk musician.  At FolkEast you cannot move for folk musicians be they famous, unheard of or just plain up and coming.  We would like to see ‘Folkies’ trending at FolkEast for no other reason than it could be fun.

Now obviously you need to mind you manners! Wwe can’t have you harassing hard working musicians in the beer tent or sneaking into their delux overnight accommodation and stalking them.

No we want fun, consensual folkies to share on our instagram page which, if you use the hashtag #EFGV17 should find us.  Don’t forget to tag the performer as well – just in case we haven’t quite got our finger on the pulse.