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Shine December Tour

3 Voices
2 Camac Electro-Harps
1 Sensational, contemporary sound

“…their gorgeous harmonies and mixture of traditional Gaelic and self-penned songs meant prior plans to check out various other gigs that night were ditched and instead I treated myself to an uninterrupted set of entrancing music.” Songlines

Shine are a trio of three of Scotland’s best known voices and two of the world’s finest harp players.

Shine combines Corrina Hewat, Mary Macmaster and Alyth McCormack’s distinctive voices with two electro-harps, and now in 2015 they continue to lead the field with hauntingly timeless yet arrestingly modern arrangements of traditional, contemporary and original material. Recent gigs include award nominated venue ‘Douglas’s House’ in Edinburgh, a beautiful ‘Here come the Girls’ night sharing the stage with another all girl band, The Shee, and a ‘return to form’ gig at last year’s Celtic Connections. Since then they have re-released their much loved album ‘Sugarcane’ and are now to release a new 5 track EP FIRE & FROST to coincide with their December 2015 tour. It contains versions of songs and arrangements they have been working on for the tour. They are also working on a new studio album to be released in 2016

Steeped in the traditions of Scotland (Alyth from the Hebrides, Corrina from the Highlands and Mary from the Lowlands) all are known for their fresh, creative approach and together they create a unique, distinctive and beautiful sound whether performing traditional Gaelic and Scottish songs, contemporary covers or original material.

Brought together in 1998 by the vibrant Scottish music scene they released their highly-acclaimed debut album ‘Sugarcane’ in 2001, toured throughout the UK & Europe and then in 2004 took a sabbatical to concentrate on their many and varied personal projects.

After a busy 10 year break which (amongst many other things) has seen Mary recording and performing with Sting and continued Poozies’ success; Corrina forming and fronting the power house Scottish supergroup The Unusual Suspects; and Alyth moving to Ireland joining The Chieftains and touring the world, a fortunate series of collaborations brought the girls back together. They shone at their re-union show at Celtic Connections in 2014 and are now happily reformed and excited to
be playing together again.

“There was a justly warm welcome back for the newly reunited Shine, who’ve been on hiatus for over a decade, but rekindled all their former magic – and then some – with their bewitchingly arrayed harmonies, in a mix of traditional Gaelic songs, contemporary covers and original material, alternating otherworldly spookiness with sparkling lighter interludes”
The Scotsman 2014

Corrina Hewat : One of the leading harp players in the world today. Born in Edinburgh and growing up in the Highlands of Scotland, she was immersed in the traditional and folk music scenes from an early age. She has a degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music from the City of Leeds College of Music and is in demand as a player, composer, arranger and teacher. Corrina is also blessed with a stunning individual voice, which resonates with years of soaking up Scotland’s musical tradition, while exploring contemporary elements and jazz.

Mary Macmaster: One of the most innovative players of the metal-strung harp in the world and a fine singer of Gaelic and Scottish songs, she has contributed to some of the best traditional music to come out of Britain. She began her career as half of the harp duo Sileas with Patsy Seddon, whom she met while studying Scottish History and Gaelic at the University of Edinburgh and went on to become a founder member of the highly popular band The Poozies with whom she still plays.

Alyth McCormack : From The Hebrides off the northwest coast of Scotland, Alyth grew up immersed in the vibrant oral and musical tradition and culture of these islands. She expanded on her traditional background by studying classical singing and drama at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She tours extensively around Europe, the Americas, and the Far East with acts such as Paddy Moloney and The Chieftains, Trace Adkins, Ry Cooder and her own band Ályth and has also performed worldwide with various symphony orchestras. Whether folk, jazz, classical or contemporary, Ályth is an artist who excels crossing boundaries.

“Shine shone vocally, their twin electro harps used effectively but minimally in a set that entwined the voices in brave, original arrangements of songs from centuries-old Burns to recent Michael Marra.” The List

Shine play at Stapleford Granary in Cambridgeshire on Wednesday 9th December click here for tickets

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