As you may know, for the last few years I have been following the progress of Norwich blues singer Malaya Blue as she grows from strength to strength.  Her last album ‘Heartsick’ I thought was excellent but her latest offering ‘Still’ has raised the bar even higher. 

The album is a song writing collaboration with Dennis Walker – it was a case of back to school for Malaya, learning to write all over again.  The lady has proven herself to be a quick learner, the new album is a real treat for the ears. 


I had the very great pleasure of chatting with Malaya recently.  What started as a short video interview ended up being quite a long chat indeed.  We decided to split it in two, in part one we talked about collaborating with Dennis Walker and that sassy new single…. in part two we talk about a few more tracks from this very desireable album.

To purchase the single ‘Down to the Bone’ or to order ‘Still’, go to


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