Mark Ronson, Newmarket


As many a sternum nearly exited a body, Mark Ronson, without any announcement, kicked off his Newmarket Nights DJ set with the track Feel Right from his album Uptown Special. With a ubiquitous funk groove throughout; his set comprised a mixture of his own works, collaboration projects and current dance chart remixes. From George Clinton,  to tracks like Lean On, by Major Lazer & DJ SDnake.

With his trademark speaker/vinyl  backdrop and minimal set: two decks, laptop, stacks, ice bucket and water it was a nonstop surge of bass pumping dance music…

The global dance hit Uptown Funk (who in the world does not know this song?) got everyone, from race day Grandmothers to small children, doing their thang and busting a move, whilst several men of a certain age showed the true meaning of “Dad Dancing”; a sight that will live with me for a very long time. In the meantime the diehard clubbers and KISS FM lovers where in their element giving it their all. The fist pumping Ice Cold Mr Ronson is a talented musician and producer who got an enthusiastic crowd singing, clapping, chanting, jumping and dancing along to the beat.

This however was a very different style of performance for some of the audience and there were a variety of interesting reactions.   There is no doubt that Mark Ronson is a master technician in executing the mixing desk with true finesse, but the DJ Set format is not necessarily an exciting performance for those who prefer the rawness and antics of a live band. Some felt he would have benefited from a couple of dancers and a light show. Others were there purely because they love dance music and wanted to bop, some felt they could have stayed at home and listened to KISS FM. Truthfully, if you are not into the DJ genre then it is unlikely that you would enjoy this style of performance. Sets like this tend work better at nightclubs or large festivals, particularly at the end of a long day when everyone just wants to dance the night away.

Now let’s get the funk out of here and go clubbing…

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