Mary Poppins

As a fan of theatre and Disney, this is one production I was more than keen to witness…

The Disney film & P.L. Travers story comes alive onstage again through this new revived UK tour, after multi award-winning runs on the West End and Broadway.

To those that don’t know – it’s the story of the Banks family, who are in need of a new nanny; that’s where Poppins steps in. She takes the children on many magical and memorable adventures, but it’s not just the children she leaves a mark on…

The show itself follows a cross between the film and book, with tweaked elements for the stage. Therefore, whichever version you’re familiar with, if you enjoy Mary Poppins – you’ll enjoy this show.

The cast are simply sublime – Zizi Strallen gives her own unique take on the iconic character that is Mary Poppins, nailing all her little quirks. And a highlight for me personally was Rebecca Lock as Mrs Banks, because not only does this stage production give you a deeper insight into her character but Lock just brings her wild energy with ease. However, each cast member gave their own little touch to these beloved characters, and are bringing the standard of a West End show to each corner of the UK.

With a score by The Sherman Brothers’, there’s no denying that it’s one of the most well-known and beloved soundtracks. Though many of the songs have been adapted or added by George Stiles & Anthony Drewe, which gives it a fun mix of the old classic, and the modern adaptation. Either way, I have no doubt you’ll be tapping and clapping along!

This is also the biggest production they’ve had at the Norwich Theatre Royal, with a cast and crew of 100, numerous outfits and at least 70 props – it’s a real visual treat, with no corners cut. It’s crammed with magic and wonder, that you simply have to see for yourself!

Finally, the thing that I loved most, was witnessing an audience that spanned generations be enthralled by the sheer magic of this show, and having a full-theatre give a standing ovation. I think it just proved the fact this story is one that has stood the test of time, and will continue to for many more years. It has everything you’d expect from this production, as it’s filled with fun, laughs, magic, drama. It’s the perfect family shows. And in the words of the lady herself, “anything can happen if you let it” – so don’t miss this practically perfect show!


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Mary Poppins continues it’s run at The Norwich Theatre Royal until the 30th of July, so be quick and see if you can grab the last few tickets on or by calling 01603 630000.

For more information on the show and the rest of the tour dates, visit