Mix’t Blessings



In its first incarnation The Bards from Martlesham Heath near Ipswich were a duo with occasional gigs – John Goodluck on vocals, guitar & bouzouki alongside Jo Arcand playing whistle, recorders and doing some narration. The Bards were then expanded to a musical unit in order to take on some gigs at unusual venues and situations. In 2012 the group metamorphosed into a five piece unit. Every so often an evening or event comes along which requires poetry and verse to be introduced into the mix and Jo researches deeply into the background of many of the stories and myths. These weave a thread between the songs, making it a harmonious presentation which has been described as a storybook with music. This latest album was recorded by group member Des Hart in the autumn of last year.

Tracks : Come Sing the Summer/The Fairy Piper/Earthheartbeat/Old Shuck/Dandelion Clock/Lovers’ Rune/Mallory Weaver/The Red Road/Witches’ Brew/Tarot Song/Pale Moonlight/Turning Of The Wheel

Musicians : John Goodluck, Jo Arcand, Pete Gosling,Bill Johnston, Des Hart, Rob Lummis, Andy Mapplebeck and Richard Edmondson

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