Out and Out by Joy Beresford Frye is the winner of the first Play Lottery Competition and will be performed at the Mercury Theatre Studio on Thursday 18th April at 7pm.

The Play Lottery is a unique competition in which the winning writer has been chosen at random. Joy has been awarded this chance to have her work developed at the Mercury alongside feedback from playwrights Sarah Grochala (Intelligence, S-27) and Hannah Maxwell (I, Amdram, Unexploded Ordnances).

Out and Out portrays the stories of women whose lives were decimated by dismissal from the armed services solely because they were gay. This practice came to an end in the year 2000 and yet still they await reparation.

Hearing their stories and honouring these veterans should be high on society’s radar, particularly as these people fought for the freedoms we now enjoy. The scenes in the play are set in 1995 and 2005 and feature three women from different ranks and backgrounds.

One performer plays Private Mary Archer, Sergeant Marian Marsh and Lieutenant Colonel Caroline Montagu in this fast-paced drama inspired by the true story of gay veterans.

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