Pink Lemonade Win Heat 5 of BurySOUND

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Music

Girl trio Pink Lemonade win the final heat of BurySOUND 2020!

Pink Lemonade burst onto the stage with a rocking track making a lot of noise for just three. Thoroughly enjoyed their punky-pop feel good tracks which they performed with high energy, glamour and plenty of smiles. They pulled the whole crowd into the gig room and it was packed to hear their thumping vibes. They had a good sound with enough substance and some cracking tracks which you could imagine on the radio.

Other bands on the night:

Flizz: A well-rehearsed and polished group who are radio ready with their very listenable toe-tapping vibe. The band were entirely together and had an underlying confidence of wholly understanding their own sound and the uniqueness they brought to the stage. Two guitars, bass and a drummer but with a guitar that made music for you to believe there was another instrument on stage. Epic guitar playing that added bonus melody to tracks that have a wide appeal.

The Signs: At all fifteen years old, this trio are still finding their style, however this added to the greatest diversity within a set of the evening. Female singer has a jazzy feel to her voice with a wonderful tone, and the guitarist doubled up on the keys. There was some dramatic and stunning piano playing within the tracks, however initially it seemed over the top but then it kinda worked and Leah did well to hold the tune and they came together in a real interesting blend. Their songs had character and personality and with more confidence and a stronger focus on the singer, this could be a very interesting group to see where they go.

Matt Reaction: A singer-songwriter with something to say. Definitely not the usual thing you’d expect from a man and a guitar. Matt is an utter poet, using his storytelling and personality to bring forth a unique blend of musical comedy with his frustrations of modernity. Completely engaging, entirely entertaining, the guy is brilliant. Seymour described him as ‘uncomparable’ – exactly right.

Brazen Bull: Five-piece metal band with a large sprinkling of rock and some punk thrown in. Thrashing guitars and thumping drums – a very tight band and the best drummer of the night. The lead singer certainly had charisma and stage presence and enthralled the audience with his energy.

Pink Lemonade join The Daze, Leon O’Leary, Far From Refuge and Fleas in the final of BurySOUND on 20th March at The Apex in Bury St Edmunds. Headlining act Gabby Rivers who was 2019 winner – only £5 entrance fee! Click here for tickets.

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