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‘Pirates Live’ in Great Yarmouth


The Hippodrome Circus in Great Yarmouth has just opened its doors for the Easter holidays with their much-acclaimed Pirates Live show. This is a special moment for the building as it marks the first time in two years that the show has been able to take place at its scheduled time. For the performers, actors and circus acts involved it’s been a wild ride

The Pirates Live production was the first performance at the iconic Hippodrome Circus to be closed at the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. A time that producer Jack Jay recalls “That feels like a lifetime ago now! We genuinely thought we might be postponing for one or two weeks maximum; little did we know what was to come.” What followed was over eighteen months of enforced closures, reduced capacity performances and very uncertain times.

This time last year another unexpected lockdown forced Pirates Live to become ‘Pirates Online’. The first time that a show was created especially for an online audience. Actor James Franklin who plays notorious villain Pirate Captain Blackeye said “That was a very strange experience, usually our shows are all about audience interaction, but suddenly it’s just you and a cameraman in the theatre. What we created was really impressive and entertained lots of people, but we can’t wait to be back to a live audience.”

This Easter will see the show return on stage to a live audience, and no one is more excited than resident comedian and family favourite Johnny Mac ‘This feels like the end of a rollercoaster journey and I’m absolutely buzzing to be able to perform this show LIVE at Easter once again. To hear the laughs, cheers, applause for this amazing show will make it all worthwhile.”

Show producer Jack Jay continued ‘We really have gone all out to make this edition of the pirates show the biggest one ever. It’s our most immersive set and visual production to date along with the biggest assembled cast we have ever had. This will be a true celebration of Live performance.’

Joining Jack and Johnny will be a huge cast of actors, dancers, swimmer along with world class circus performers. Trapeze artistes flying over the hippodromes pool, to dizzying acrobatics on the pirate boardwalk

Tickets for Pirates Live are on sale now and the best seats are selling fast. Booking in advance is highly recommended as many shows, especially during peaks times will sell out.

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