Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) – Review

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Pride and Prejudice* (*sort of) at Norwich Theatre Royal

What a funny, close(ish) adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. This show is a witty, affectionate ode to the classic love story performed by five incredible actors.

It starts with the servants – they tell us they are involved in every love story. Hidden in the background of daily life, they are able to nudge, cajole and move along the seeds of love in the right direction.

These servants then go on to re-enact the story of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy for the audience in the most imaginative way! There are multiple levels of humour, sarcasm, wit and downright belly laughs. There is physical humour and there is karaoke! Not something you would expect within a Jane Austin interpretation, however the placement of ‘You’re So Vain’ by Carly Simon is perfection.

There is even more music, several of the cast play instruments which are used to enhance, disrupt or entertain. The props are cleverly used, whether to add an extra giggle if you were quick enough to see it, or outright screams of laughter due to the brilliant silliness.

Pride and Prejudice

With only five actors and many different characters in the story, they of course play multiple people using only one item of clothing to differentiate. This certainly helps to make sure the swap between characters is quick. However, with the donning of a simple layer of clothing these actors are completely transformed into their personas.

Many of the classic scenes are adapted with the right attention to detail to portray Austin’s push against boundaries yet filled with enchanting humour and unexpected fun. Scenes with Lady Catherine de Bourgh were hilarious.

All the cast were exceptional, multi-talented individuals and watching them come together in this performance was fantastic, a real treat of how theatre can tick all the boxes. This is a highly recommended show. Cast members for the tour: Lucy Gray; Dannie Harris; Leah Jamieson; Emmy Stonelake; Megan Louise Wilson; Ruth Brotherton; Laura Soper.

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