Pride & Prejudice

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Thorrington Theatre

When you combine a stunning outdoor eco-friendly theatre with an equally stunning theatre group you know you are going to have a wonderful evening.

In true style, the performers from This Is My Theatre were welcoming the audience with their beautiful singing, they do this for every performance and it is certainly worth getting to the shows early in order to capture this.

The singing over and the audience in the forest are quiet, ready for the performance of one of the most-loved novels in English literature.

Mr Bennet has five daughters and not much income. Mrs Bennet’s sole purpose in life is to see at least one of her daughters marry into enough money to support the rest of the family. A wealthy Mr Bingley moves into the big house on the next estate and holds a ball where the Bennet family very much enjoy the party and keep alert to any prospects, of which one Mr Darcy, is very wealthy but also doesn’t leave a good impression. Elizabeth Bennet judges Mr Darcy to be a rude man and as the course of events unfold between the different up and down love interests of the girls, the social events and as the truth comes forth, there is plenty of happiness to go around. There is no spoiler here, however I am sure everyone knows the story!

There are plenty of characters in this story and there are only five cast members – however in true This Is My Theatre style, they manage this issue simply and seamlessly. With a slight adjustment to clothing, accent and posture, the cast play multiple characters with no confusion to the audience. There is talent to be able to swap between characters quickly and smoothly and these guys are adept at it. A surprise when Lady Catherine de Bourgh comes out, but an excellent surprise.

There are no stage hands and the simple set and props are moved by the cast, almost as part of the performance. There is singing or music to indicate the scene changes and it works so well.

These actors are such warm and engaging performers and completely engross you into the story as not only are they believable, they look as though they are loving telling the story.

Pride & Prejudice has probably been adapted more than a thousand times over, this version strips it down to what is needed to get the story across and it was delightful in every way.

Yet again, an enchanting performance by the team.

These guys are touring therefore do try to catch them – more information can be found here:

They are also performing The Railway Children across Essex, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire – more information here:


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