Pulse Festival: Fossils


It’s onto day 5 of Pulse Festival, and it was my first experience of Pulse. So I took myself along to see “Fossils” at The New Wolsey Studio which was presented by Bucket Club.

This was the first preview of this new piece, but the company’s second visit to Pulse, after their award winning “Lorraine & Alan” in 2015.

I was sold on this show, because the short tagline I saw simply said “a personal research into the Loch Ness monster”… which left me intrigued.

Another tagline was “an extinct fish, a missing father, the Loch Ness Monster”. Which sounded equally intriguing, especially as I am someone who has a mild interest in the likes of folklore stories, like that of the Loch Ness Monster.

As for the show itself, the main character Vanessa (Helen Vinten), who lives for science, embarks on a very personal research project into the legend of the lake. A project which takes her back to her haunting past of her missing fellow-scientist father.

She’s a strong headed and determined character, that follows the facts and evidence, and believes in no nonsense and no monsters.  That said, she is supported by some great friends – even though she can be tough on them. One being the intelligent but somewhat naive Dominic (Adam Farrell).

With just a cast of three, I was fully invested in the performance and the casts talents.

Equally, it featured an exciting live electronic sound and vocals, that was matched with the lighting, this felt very modern and cutting-edge. In fact, it almost reminded me of the popular play of “The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time”, which uses sound and visuals in a similar way.

It also has a minimalist, but clever set and interesting use of props. I don’t want to give too much away – but think science lab, water and dinosaurs! Other elements are made up by your imagination through their performance.  Their clever use of props, alongside the script and sounds, gave for some great comedy that the audience loved.

Later this year, they will be taking the show to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where I’m sure it will go down brilliantly.

It was an innovative production, touching on a range of relevant topics and genres like mental health, loss, science, comedy and drama with some dark twists, while still remaining suitable for all. It’s a show that encourages you to use your imagination, and think about science and the unknown.

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For more information on Pulse Festival 2016 visit: www.wolseytheatre.co.uk/pulse-festival

For more information on the show itself visit: www.bucketclub.co.uk/fossils



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