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Putan Club Come to Colchester

Putan Club is Gianna Greco and Francios Cambuzat, a duo from Italy and France comprised of voices, guitars, bass & computer. Putan Club is standing for feminism, electricity, electronics & savagery with their heavy groove and high tension. They bring their Trance, Dance and Challenge to the Colchester Arts Centre on 14 March with Earth Mother F*cker and Weapon Eyes completing the bill.

Putan Club do not belong to any sonic church (rock, techno, jazz, avant, punk, world or what-the-f*ck-ever) but claims the right to be all that and more. Their performances frequently take place in the centre of the venue with audience participation mandatory – veering from a kiss on the mouth to a kick in the ass… They are also frequent collaborators with the kindred spirits of Lydia Lunch and Eugene S. Robinson from Oxbow.  With an average of more than 150 concerts a year and over 1500 concerts since its creation, it is now time to bring their iconoclastic, violent, groovy, and resolutely feminist-revolutionary sounds to Colchester!

“Like a crush collusion between Young Gods, NIN, and even the early Ants when things get tribal with their more chanting tribal vocals and big rhymes, Putan Club have an astonishing and original sound and the live show is enormous. The beats are huge and the songs are dark and captivating.”  Louder Than War May 2023.

nine below zero

Earth Mother F*cker – Coming off the back of supporting Crime and the City Solution whereby they were described by the band ‘as if The Stooges were playing songs by The Gun Club’, Ipswich based malcontents and noisemakers Earth Mother F*cker will bring their audio/visual experience back to the Arts Centre. The band will be playing a mixture of old and new songs as they finalise their first formal release ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ for Antigen Records later this year.

Weapon Eyes – Unremittingly harsh electronica carved from modular synths, with tinges of power-electronics and an unabashed disdain for listener comfort.  Alistair Johnson is the man in charge and one of the curators of the Essex based electro-noise events – Controlled Voltage, as well as being part of Southend’s premier radio station – Ship Full of Bombs.

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