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Norwich Theatre Royal

‘Sister Act – A Divine Musical Comedy.’

What a brilliant feel good fun musical to brighten up a wet January evening!

Based on the comedy movie from 1992 with Whoopie Goldberg it has developed into a full on musical, jam packed with fabulous original songs while keeping to the spirit of the story.

Deloris van Cartier wants to be on stage singing but her sleezey gangter boyfriend Curtis Jackson holds her back. Deloris sees Curtis killing one of his crew and she is now a prime witness which the police want to keep safe, but where to hide her? In a convent of course!

Deloris is very reluctant with the idea, Mother Superior is very reluctant with the idea, however it is there is no other choice. The convent is out of money and it’s going to be sold but Deloris slowly integrates herself by pretending to be nun, she helps the choir and turns them into singing sensations as everyone starts to find their voice and end up raising money to save the convent.

It’s an easy, fun story to follow and all the characters have their own layers which unfold. It’s full of comedy with the gangsters having the most fun scenes from chasing Deloris who is trying to escape on a bicycle tuk tuk, to disguising themselves as nuns and having a fight scene in the convent, which is exceptionally well choreographed and hilarious.

It’s set in the late 70s in Philadelphia so the costumes, the wigs, platforms and the music are superb.

Heavily influenced by the disco and soul it’s packed with fantastic songs which show off the excellent voices of all the cast.

Each scene had something enchanting about it, whether it was an emotional scene or a funny one, it had you going through a range of emotions as all the characters drew you in. Each one of the actors were engaging and this is what makes the show, as the audience you were emotionally attached to all of them, which is pretty rare. It’s about friendships, a sense of community, finding connections with people who are worlds apart. There is love, loyalty, sacrifice, understanding.. and there is disco, sequins, singing and dancing – what else do you need?

It was important for the production company to have the cast include real people, mature people and plus size actors playing a part they would not normally be considered for. They wanted to find ways to represent as much as possible the greater theatre community and address themes that are more appropriate for a 21st century audience. Top marks and this is what makes this show so fantastic.

There are some famous names being billed for staring in the tour, such as Lesley Joseph, however there seems to have been a re-shuffle since the original publicity, so be mindful if you are expecting to see her and she doesn’t appear. However, the understudy Lori Haley Fox was fantastic, to the point where I don’t think Lesley will be missed (sorry Lesley).

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