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Derren Brown

Derren Brown: Underground

Ipswich Regent, 31st July 2017

Mind manipulator, trickster, magician?  Whatever Derren Brown is, he is without doubt a showman of extraordinary talent.

In his latest stage venture “Underground” he has constructed a show made up his favourite illusions. Without giving anything away for those yet to see it, you will be taken on a journey of secrets that will leave you questioning everything.

His charm, easy manner, together with his self-deprecating humour and lack of pretence immediately, warms you to the man and that’s the moment he probably has you exactly where he wants you.

Derren is not trying to convince you of anything magical in him, but rather to show how susceptible we are as human beings to the power of suggestion and subliminal messages. Not everything works on everyone and he chooses his subjects carefully, to ensure the show is highly entertaining. To the man who felt the need to shout “fraud!” one can’t help but feel he has missed the point of Derren’s whole career; which has been spent debunking the myths about seances, magic, miracles and mind reading. Even when things don’t go quite to plan he embraces the moment and cracks jokes at his own expense.

I had waited a long time to see Derren Brown live and he didn’t disappoint. Underground is currently touring the UK and well worth seeing…..if you dare!