The Footloose UK tour has been heading across the country throughout the year, and it has finally reached the Regent theatre in Ipswich and what a show it is!

I have seen Footloose on previous UK tours, and it is exciting to see it has been reworked to give it a fresh feel.

Not only do the cast sing and dance, but they play musical instruments as well, making this a unique actor-musician version and this is no mean feat.

There are some exceptional singers in the cast, the stand out ones for me were Hannah Price as Ariel, Joanna Sawyer as Rusty and Maureen Nolan as Vi Moore – who never disappoints as I still remember her outstanding performance in Blood Brothers.

The boys add solid performances throughout, adding a cheekier side their characters, some more than others… Gareth Gates who plays Willard, the local lad who is shy around girls and can’t dance does not disappoint and adds a new take to the song I Need a Hero. Luke Baker as the main character Ren McCormack shines in this role too.

Even if you haven’t see the 1984 film or the 2011 remake, as in the case of many of the theatre goers last night, this still makes for a great evening out.

The show runs at The Ipswich Regent until Saturday 8th October so put on your dancing shoes, they are allowed in Ipswich – even if not in Bomont!

For more information or to book visit / or call 01473 433100.