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Hot Tramp

Hot Tramp
The Wild Man, Sproughton

If you get the opportunity to see these guys before they start playing a sell-out tour, then go and experience them – you will not regret it.

Hot Tramp are a three-piece blues rock ‘n’ roll band – only far better than what picture you’ve just imagined in your head. The guys have been playing together since their teenage years which makes them a tight band. They are also still in their twenties so bring a youthful, contemporary style to the table. From Ipswich, yet they bring a depth to their blues as though they are veteran musicians from the Southern States.

Drums, guitar and bass guitar seems too simple but they sounded so much more. Hot Tramp played a few covers, adding their style which worked a treat, but most of the tracks were their own. Going to see a good band playing covers is always enjoyable – covers make it comfortable for the audience, something for them to relate to. However, going to see a great band doing their own music that makes the audience instantly feel comfortable is a joy – shows how good they are. It didn’t matter that we couldn’t sing along to the words we didn’t know, we were more than content nodding our heads, tapping our feet and clapping our hands.

Lead singer Josh, has an untrained rawness to his voice which is ideal for their rock/blues style and you can’t fault Lewis & Tom for their talents.

For many of the songs they became a five-piece band – adding keyboard and harmonica sounds. This took them to the next level. Adding a depth to their songs which can only catapult them into international stardom.

Reece Sleightholme, the keyboard player from The Downsetters, tinkled the ivories with perfection and Giles King on the harmonica was, I can only describe, blissful.

As a five-piece they were magical and the tracks just resonated with every cell in your body, as though you could feel all your ancestors enjoying the music.

A short review, but how many ways can I say they are fantastic without turning you off, besides there was nothing there for me to be sarcastic about. I was lucky enough to be given their album and I haven’t stopped playing it since.

Foot stomping, head nodding, heart thumping proper music by proper musicians made me feel as though I had come home. Loved it, love them.

The venue was the ever wonderful The Wild Man at Sproughton: friendly banter and good food.

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