Beautiful Dream


Born in Romford in the early 70s, Jamie knew from an early age that music had the power to move him, but it wasn’t until he immersed himself in the sound of the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones & The Doors that he began to write songs as an outlet for his powerful, complex teenage emotions. Jamie is a prolific songwriter having penned over a thousand songs, in a variety of styles, all charting his life’s progress, taking him through the full range of emotions from the raw power of delta blues; ballads full of passion & longing; songs protesting against the injustices of life, all the way through to real up tempo rockers guaranteed to get even the most jaded toes tapping. Performing & writing are Jamie’s way of taming his demons & are as natural as life itself to him. Jamie’s latest offering was recorded at Ashwill Studios.

Tracks : Spare A Though/Love Of My Life/Lovely In Lisbon/Beautiful Dream/Mama/Twinkle In Your Eye/Bitter As My Beer/Remember/Box Marked Fragile/Trying To Get In Touch With Me/Whispering Blues/In My Times Of Darkness/You Still Looked So Good To Me/We Are One

Musicians : Jamie Williams with Dave Milligan, Joe Anderton, Kevan Warner, Nick Garner, Patrick North, Paul Hollingsworth, Naomi Poole, James Digings, Dan Mills, Pamela Grieve, Peter Hughes and Mark Suttle