Right of Entitlement at The Garage

A new must-see play is coming to The Garage theatre in Norwich on October 10th at 8pm.

Shortlisted for the Obelisk award, a sellout in its first run in Kent, Right of Entitlement tells the story of Cleo, a troubled Polish teenager who finds herself in the office of an educational psychologist. It’s Jacob’s job to understand her disaffection and urge to rebel. Between them they consider class, social mobility, cultural appropriation, the education system and the life chances young people in Britain can now expect. A must see for teachers and anyone with an interest in the prospects of future generations.

Steven Todd, who wrote and directed the play, says “We live under a government that’s committed to investing another £93 million into grammar schools, which will inevitably have consequences for social mobility and cohesion. Is it fair on our children for 80% of them to be written off as failures before the age of 11? Why are we not having these discussions?”

The dialogue and action twists and turns between them until the audience is unsure who is client, who therapist; who’s running the session, who’s more in need of it. Gripping, darkly comic, it’s thrilled audiences at Manchester and Brighton fringe festivals, and has been on a sell-out tour throughout the UK all this year.

“Five stars – I loved it! I wasn’t expecting to laugh so much or spend so long thinking about it afterwards.” – James Butler.

“Fantastically well acted, constantly subverted my expectations and kept me guessing throughout. The drama hinged on a conflict of ideas but ever felt dry or abstract. A fascinating lament about our present catastrophic cultural condition. And all in sixty minutes!” – Norman Thomas, editor of Thanet Watch.

“There are no right answers in this play. It’s like looking in a mirror within a mirror and seeing more mirrors, stretching into infinity. That is what makes it so intriguing.” – Angela Dye

For more information visit hagsahoy.com / www.thegarage.org.uk.