Robin Evans Esq. New Single ‘Oregon’

by | Dec 18, 2022 | Reviews, Music

‘Oregon’ from Robin Evans Esq.

On 3rd February, 2023 the latest dollop of original cold, dark, swamp mud, Delta blues is heading our way from Robin Evans Esq.  The man keeps writing songs that I swear have been conjured up on moonless nights, drinking and playing cards out up a pungent creek, on a broken barge, in the company of the Fallen Angel.  As you might expect, as a result, ‘Oregon’ is another original, modern, authentically recorded, classic blues number from this talented individual.

The Devil is involved in the writing, the playing and the chilling story of our gothic hero heading to Oregon, where the Prince of Darkness has been kicked out of The South, and I don’t mean Ipswich.

Acoustic blues picking on Evans’ trusty old National features on this single, which is accompanied by Evans’ signature heel-driven drum, enriched by ominous bass synthesiser tones.  A single 1950s Reslo ribbon microphone, a 1960s Ampex valve mic preamp and a 1980s Tascam 8 track reel, were used in recording Oregon. This ensures that lovers of the Evans swampy blues sound can close their eyes and see the Delta flats at low tide, watch dragon flies zig-zagging along the banks of the mighty river, smell the mud.

Robin is working on writing, recording and releasing more new material in 2023, as well as playing gigs and festivals around the UK.  He is booked to perform at The Room, in Gorleston-on-Sea on 4th February.  Catch him where you can.

Robin Evans Esq.

‘Oregon’ from Robin Evans Esq. | Artwork © Jake Smithies

Oregon’ will be released in all formats and all channels. I have to say that Robin’s singles are worth buying for the superb two-tone artwork of Jake Smithies alone. Smithies has captured in graphics the mystery and shadowy mood playing out in Evans music.

I know we have said this at GrapevineLIVE before, please buy direct from the artists, if you can.  All Robins Evans Esq. past releases are available at if you want to help keep this strange blues beast’s wagon rolling.

Jake Smithies, artist and illustrator can be found in Sheffield and

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