Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet
Ballet Theatre UK
22nd November
Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds

Clever choreography sees the rival families fighting with flying swords through the air to Prokofiev’s stunning score as the scene opens in Verona.

The sparkling, opulent costumes, particularly those in red of the Capulet family, were made especially for this elegant production.

Romeo and Juliet’s meeting at the ball is touching, sweet and shy and their ensuing dancing a beautiful symmetry of movement, echoing their emotional harmony.  Juliet’s dancing has a delightful innocence.  Romeo is captivated and he is lost in a daze as the first Act closes.

Grief and loss overwhelm Act Two to the backdrop of the dramatic music.  An extended section emphasises Lady Capulet’s outpouring of misery and the use of red lighting is evocative of the bloodshed.  Even in “death” Juliet’s funeral procession is beautifully rendered as the ladies of the company are clad in black veils, toned-down sparkling outfits and contrasting white lilies.

The tragic conclusion is well executed.

The accomplished dancers gave a polished performance which was charged with emotion and skilfully portrayed.