Shakin’ Stevens: 40th Anniversary Tour

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Reviews

Shakin’ Stevens
Cambridge Corn Exchange

Shakin’ Stevens is on his 40th Anniversary Tour and it is hard to believe it! He’s had 33 Top 40 singles and is still out there pleasing the crowds.

I must be honest, he was better than expected. Not only the range of his music but the fact he is 71 this year and still on stage enjoying himself.

I remember the Shakin’ Stevens’ classic tracks back in the 80s and was waiting for the obvious ones to come along, however I was enthralled by all the tracks I didn’t know. I completely appreciated how he managed to introduce me to a wide range of his music. Being in the industry for 40 years, he certainly has had the time to explore a range of styles.

The other genuinely delightful surprise was the 10-piece band. I’ll repeat that, there was a 10-piece band behind him – that’s not what I would have expected from the denim-clad ‘Green Door’ singer, but I am inexperienced in the world of Shakin’ Stevens… although not anymore.

Even though there was the fundamental old style soft rock n’ roll theme to his style of music, there was deep dips into country, Latin, Cajun, pop, blues and there was an incredible version of ‘Suffer Little Children’.

The stage setting was right for a 10-piece band, some simple and effective lighting that worked. There was a background screen which possibly was an after thought as some of the video clips were a little random and in my opinion not needed, watching the band was enough. We only needed to screen to show his ancestor which linked to ‘Fire in Her Blood’.  I liked the fact there was no fancy stuff, he wasn’t pretending to be anything he wasn’t, it really was about the music and it was good music.

The musicianship of the band was high, their talents were oooozing off the stage and filling the room. Guitar changes, brass, banjo, harmonica, keyboard sounds were off the scale. Shakin’ Stevens wasn’t belting out the songs, which isn’t his style anyway, however his voice is very much strong enough for a full evening’s entertainment.

There are songs in the set he’s not performed for years and there are plenty of tracks that everyone wants to enjoy. The whole feel was a modern Shakin’ Stevens  who could easily reach a new audience.  I totally recommend you go as you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.

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