‘Shift Away’ Anita Abram’s Latest Single

by | Oct 10, 2023 | In other news

Singer songwriter, Anita Abram’s latest single, about coastal settlement Shingle Street, aims to raise awareness of plastic pollution that ends up on Suffolk’s beaches.

Nestled on the Suffolk Coast, where The River Ore meets the North Sea, Shingle Street boasts a dynamic, shifting pebble shoreline reshaped over time. With its beauty, folklore and history, Shingle Street provides a poignant backdrop to the message of valuing our coastlines and raising awareness about plastic waste in our oceans that end up on our beaches, harming the natural environment.

Anita said, “So I’m excited to release my fifth single “Shift Away” in dedication to the four generations of my family who grew up in the area beach combing and finding the precious stone amber. We bear witness to increasing plastic pollution in our oceans and on our beaches, and we play a role in its preservation.”

Plastic waste is not a distant issue; it’s one that hits close to home. Recent beach cleanups on the east coast involving Shingle Street revealed the extent of the problem. In 2022, volunteers collected 7,000 items of rubbish from Suffolk beaches and the vast majority were plastic. 

As you listen to “Shift Away,” experience the magic of Shingle Street (complete with authentic field recordings) and join the mission to protect our natural environment. ‘Shift Away’ is available on streaming sites from 13 October 2023

Find out more about Anita’s music on her website.


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