Show Of Hands

Show Of Hands @ The Corn Exchange Cambridge, 4 November 2016

This may be a pointless task, for who hasn’t heard of Show Of Hands? Probably the only current folk act to be consistently played all over Radio Two and definitely the only ones who can sell out The Royal Albert Hall.

So how do I sell this? If you haven’t already got a ticket then you probably don’t want one, as the sold out notices are already up in theatres all over the land. However I can’t let such technicalities get in the way of my waffle, so for the uninitiated let me explain that the duo of Steve Knightley and Phil Beer have been casting the Show Of Hands magic for twenty five years. Mr Knightley writes most of the songs – hard hitting, tender, personal yet universal – but they are just as happy with traditional songs and tunes and covering songs from their American heroes Joel, Springsteen and Dylan.

It would take longer than forever to list all the instruments they play, though it is safe to say that anything with strings is fair game and the pair are much more than adequate on them all. Throw in the harmony singing and you have a mixture that many find unable to resist. So if you have a passing interest in the traditional, the songwriting, protest songs, love songs and a big sound from the West Country then grab the last few tickets and be converted, you won’t regret it although your bank account may not thank you for they don’t have fans of passing interest – their journey will be yours so jump on board.