Singing The Fishing

Following on from Crude Apache’s sellout show at the Maddermarket in 2020 about the Norfolk Broads: At the Turning of the Tide, the company will take the audience out to sea and into the world of the herring fishing industry from 1892 to the nineteen-sixties.

Singing the Fishing

Singing the Fishing is a musical play based on Ewan McColl’s sixties BBC radio broadcast of the same name.

Using all of MacColl’s original songs and based on the original musical direction by Peggy Seeger, the company weave music and narrative together into a gripping and enchanting tale of man’s battle against the elements, the sea, the vagaries of a capitalist market place and two world wars.

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Singing the Fishing is a human story of joy, triumph and tragedy, with a large ensemble cast and multi-instrumental acoustic band bringing the music and story to vivid and dramatic life.

This show will appeal to anyone who loves the sea and boats, who loves the history of the East Coast and its industry or who loves folk music and particularly the music of the great Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger.

The show is dedicated to the memory of Ewan, the generosity of Peggy and the legacy of the fishermen of Great Yarmouth and the East Coast.

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