Slava’s Snow Show

© V.Mishukov

Slava’s Snow Show, a multi-award-winning feast of childish delights, returns to Norwich in November.

Guaranteed to bring out your inner five-year-old, the international sensation of a show is a mix of comedy, clowning and spectacle, showcased in a series of short set-pieces building towards a stunning finale which sees every member of the audience up on their feet in a winter wonderland blizzard.

On stage from November 21 to 25, the show will kick the Christmas season off in festive style, combining the world of pantomime slapstick with a multi-sensory experience which delights all ages.

The show is the brain-child of Slava Polunin, who grew up in a small town in the middle of Russia with no links to the worlds of the arts or show-business.

Slava said: “As a child I watched the Charlie Chaplin movie The Kid and it impressed me to a great extent. I immediately made a cane for myself and started to copy Chaplin’s walk which set my classmates and friends laughing.

“Probably the idea of my future occupation unwittingly started to form itself around that time. I believe that I was born a clown but the conscious desire to be one appeared much later.”

Slava started off his performing career presenting festive shows on stage and television and ultimately developed his own clown character. He said: “He allowed me to talk with the audience not only about funny things but also about the sad, the kind and the tender.”

His Snow Show was first conceived in the 1990s and has gone on to entertain audiences in 80 countries, playing in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Rome, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and Moscow, where it has enchanted adults as much as children.

Slava explained: “Children are already a happy crowd of people. They have not yet touched the troubles of life and the entire world is open and boundless. Imagination and joy fills them if they are not in a challenged social situation.

“Adults, however, often make themselves very rigid, complicated things, and start digging deep into the convolutions of life as soon as they grow up even a little bit and yet, if one stays connected to their inner child, everything becomes much easier and jollier. This is what we try to do.”

It is this feeling of stepping away from the stresses of modern life for a few hours of innocence, fun and wonder, which which has helped make the production a true global hit.

Slava’s Snow Show is at the Norwich Theatre Royal from Tuesday November 21st -25th 2017. Shows on Eves 7.30pm, Mats 2.30pm Thur & Sat.

Tickets £8-£31.50, with Discounts for Friends, Over 60s, Under 18s, Schools & Groups available. For more information or to book, log onto or call the box office on 01603 630000.