Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs


We all know and love the classic fairy-tale and panto favourite that is  Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, and this take sticks very much to tradition.  We have the quirky collection of dwarfs, silly sidekicks, wickedly evil Queen, poison apple, magic, mayhem and true love’s first kiss – everything you need to capture the imagination of the whole family.

Natasha Hamilton as the Wicked Queen Atomic is the obvious highlight, with her wicked ways erupting the audience of children screeching ‘BOOOO!’ and her take on some pop classics were a joy.  Matt Pagan as Prince Collabro of Cumbria oozed in charm and got to show off his smooth dulcet tones many a time. Local lass Harriet Bacon made for a great Snow White with a sweet charm and soft vocals. Stevi Ritchie, Mike McClean and Chris Casserly make for a cheeky trio and provide plenty of laughs. Jane Ogilvie as the Forest Fairy almost felt underused, but was a great addition. The ensemble added some great dancing and energy, and the Magic Mirror added a modern element and made us all hungry…

The lighting matched each scene and set well, and when the moment was right the children would get their multicoloured light wands a glow and sway along to the ballads and bops. The costumes of Dame Dotty D were quite something, from Haz Beans to Quality Sort – they certainly were as kooky and eye-catching as you’d expect of a dame.

The music featured many well-known pop classics, and even include two hits from one of 2018’s most popular films The Greatest Showman, which brought the audience great delight. Other highlights would have to be Dame Dotty D and the Wicked Queen’s fight for the Prince over The Tide Is High, and the cast coming together for Our House, I’m A Believer and the Atomic Megamix – all of which got the audience wanting to be on their feet.

Overall, through all its cheesiness and traditional take, it’s everything you’d expect from an Ipswich Regent panto and it makes a fun family outing that is bound to get you wanting to join in and give you a few laughs over the festive period.

Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs runs at the Ipswich Regent until 2nd January 2019. For more information or to book visit