Soap Your Auntie


This band never fails to entertain the crowds! Soap Your Auntie are not only great musicians they have a big personality and keep the audience engaged with their twist on great pop songs. They ‘rock up’ cheesy pop songs and classic ballads with great success and they are always adding to their repertoire which means they always surprise you with a new track. The charismatic lead singer, Cuz, is full of energy and gets everyone singing and dancing – you can’t watch this band without having a smile on your face and your hands in the air clapping to a  rock version of a One Direction track. Wait to you hear their version of George Michael’s Careless Whisper – it’s inspired!

The Wildman in Sproughton has live music every other weekend and the variety is wide enough for all types of music goers. The owners are friendly and down to earth and they have a cavery everynight so it’s always worth going early and get some food before the music – a complete evening’s entertainment.

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