Stand The Suspense!

Night Must Fall, at The New Wolsey Theatre in Ipswich. 

Our walk into the auditorium was accompanied by the sound of piano music being played of music from the era; two or three Gilbert & Sullivan songs, a Jerome Kern and an Ivor Novello being just a few. This helped to set the scene, along with the amazing set; a very cosy home scene with lots of curtains and subtle lighting, all used to great effect in the more scarier moments. Full marks to the Set Designer.

The opening scene featured a flurry of activity with six of the cast of eight appearing on stage from various entrances; from the outset I was gripped, instantly recognising Gwen Taylor as the over-powering Mrs Bramson – the lady of the house and, as was quickly made apparent, one not to be messed with.

All eight of the actors were superbly cast and I was left in no doubt that they were indeed those characters; no place for weak acting here. Will Featherstone as Dan arguably had the more complex role – one minute being charming and dashing, whilst then going on to be extremely angry and showing signs of madness.

The interval gave me time to have a discussion with my friend as to who we thought the killer was; she managed to persuade me of one or two different options to what I had thought…

The show runs at the New Wolsey Theatre until Saturday 22nd October; get tickets if you can stand the suspense! A great adaptation of this psychological thriller – full marks to The Original Theatre Company. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any future productions they perform.