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Strong Enough

What would you do if you could turn back time? 

I’d find a way to re-experience the unforgettable night I had at Felixstowe’s Spa Pavillion on Saturday night, where I watched the ultimate tribute show to the musical legend that is Cher in ‘Strong Enough’. 

Featuring all the classic hits like ‘Turn Back Time’, ‘Believe’ and ‘Gipsys, Tramps and Thieves’, the band takes you on a journey throughout Cher’s life, starting from her childhood and ‘Sonny and Cher’ days right through to her recent ABBA performances. 

Audiences can expect all the glitz, glamour and, yes, even sequins and lace that only a Cher tribute act can bring. Lead singer Kerry Carlton-Senior owns the stage one leather-clad boot at a time, demanding the audience’s attention with her Cher-accurate costumes and vocal performance. She certainly managed to get everyone up dancing in the audience, many belting out the well-known anthems along with her, albeit rather jovially. 

The band also gave it their all, the lead guitarist Curtis Senior, in particular, clearly had a fantastic time strumming along to all of Cher’s many ballads, earning himself a few solo performances during a costume change that went down like a treat for the audience. 

What I hadn’t expected was to learn a lot more about Cher during the show. In-between performances, the band would project interviews and new stories about Cher’s rise to fame and all the lessons she learned, explaining how she managed to shift from era to era with ease. It was a good change of pace during the high-energy show and made me appreciate the performance even more. 

Although there were a few unexpected hiccups in the show, it was still a joy to watch and had me grinning from ear to ear the entire time. ‘Strong Enough’ showed everyone how a tribute act is done, all members having a clear admiration and love for Cher and her career. 

It’s a show that’s filled with unending cheesy and camp fun and will have even the most reluctant dancers tapping their feet. Save yourself the uncertainty, go and purchase a ticket to experience a roaring good time with some good friends and family and don’t forget to thank us later! 


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