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Summer Panto at Spa Pavilion for Broad Minded Adults


Have you ever watched a pantomime and wondered what mischief the cast would get up to if there weren’t any children in the audience? What happens when the cast have had one-too-many?! Now’s your chance to find out…!

This special one-off performance of ‘Cinderella: P*ssed Up Panto‘, will not be for the faint-hearted – it’s panto as you’ve never seen it before!

The hilarious production is packed to the brim full of innuendo, hilarious comedy routines, parodies of wellknown songs and audience participation, creating a performance that’s sure to be hilarious, cheeky, saucy and…sometimes…just a little bit naughty…oh okay…VERY naughty…!

Along with all the usual adult fun, the audience vote each night for the one performer who must complete savage drinking challenges throughout the show. As the victim gets slowly more and more sozzled, they must, along with the rest of the cast, keep the show rolling on so that Cinderella finally gets the happy ending she’s been yearning for.

Lee Redwood, writer and director of P’*ssed Up Panto’ said: “Adult pantomimes have become hugely popular in the last few years, with Made to Measure Productions starting to
include ‘Grown-Ups Only’ nights as part of their Christmas Pantomime schedules in 2018.

Ever forward-thinking, we rebranded our hilarious adult pantomimes into ‘P*ssed Up Panto’ in 2021 and audiences can’t seem to get enough!  Having sold out theatres across the country with this current production of ‘Cinderella’, we are confident that audiences will experience a unique night out – not least because they get to choose who’ll be drinking, providing a side-splitting performance where anything can happen…and it probably will!”
Starring a whole host of experienced, professional pantomime performers, and one or two professional drinkers, alongside a dazzling ensemble cast, stunning scenery, great music and side-splitting comedy routines this is a night that audiences will remember for the rest of their lives!

Will Prince Charming’s Ball (singular, the other is in The Albert Hall) impress Cinderella? Will Buttons ever see the Fairy Godmother’s magic kingdom? Will the Ugly Sisters finally get through their tongue twisters after eight shots of sambuca? There’s only one way to find out…boys and girls!

Suitable for ages 16+ and not for the easily offended!

Get tickets for Cinderella: P*ssed Up Panto – click here



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