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Summertime Social

Summertime Social, Dumbfoundus and Friends.

Norfolk Showground

After such a long time unable to have any event like this, it seemed like this would be a summer without my trusty, grass and wine stained picnic blanket.

Then came Summertime Social, the hero I needed. Finally feeling the sun on my closed eyes laying on the blanket, grass poking through, the sound of the ‘crowd’ around laughing and chatting between sets. Perfect.

Ticket holders had three meter square ‘pods’ to distance themselves, arriving in small groups of between 2 to 6 per pod and able to get a space next to friends if you arrived together. ‘Pimping’ the pods was encouraged; some, like me just put down a picnic blanket and got comfy, and some pitched day-tents and got their deck chairs out.

One way systems were in place everywhere from the bar to the rows of pods, and overall these one-way systems were observed well with very few people forgetting or gnoring the rules.

Slightly Offensive Steve hosted the event as well as being first in the lineup. An entertainer as well as a musician, with a handful of rude lyrics, but that’s expected with a name like ‘Slightly Offensive Steve’. My favourite song from his set was ‘Lazy’, it spoke to me. Steve mentioned that you can get his music for free, check him out on Soundcloud here.

The Foreign Locals, former Pirate Joe oozes personality and has some killer dance moves! With a set that includes a song about whales, there’s not much more you could ask for! My favourite song from his set was “Kiss Me or I’ll Crush You” (and the story behind the song).

The multitalented Lee Vann got everyone up and dancing, with songs we all know and love. Followed by Ame Just Sing, with a short set of original songs with catchy beats and relatable lyrics.

Dumbfoundus: The creators of Gorleston beach pop, a band I fell in love with about eight years ago was amazing as always, despite the drizzle trying to rain us out. Seeing umbrellas bobbing up and down as people danced, myself included, felt very ‘British summertime’. Favourite song from this set: ‘Just a Bloke’. You can find Dumbfoundus on Spotify, and follow them on Facebook to hear about the music they’ve been recording in lockdown!

Summertime Social is bringing live music, performances, comedy, film, theatre and family shows to Norfolk Showground until mid September.
Visit the Summertime Social website for more information, tickets, and to learn about the safety precautions put in place.


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