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Ten Sorry Tales


Although I’ve lived in Ipswich all my life, and love all things dance related, I’d never actually been to see a performance at Dance East on the Waterfront – so when a friend who works there suggested I might like to see Ten Sorry Tales – I thought it was about time to go!

I was expecting some beautifully presented modern contemporary dance – but was delighted to get a whole lot more. Ten Sorry Tales is a book written by Mick Jackson who must have the most elaborate imagination known to man… and is compiled of ten very vivid stories – none of which have a particularly happy ending.

The dance performance was presented by Ballo Arthur Pita who ensured that all the characters of the fables were brought magnificently to life, often macabre, dark, sad and haunting – but also hilarious and fascinating with glimpses of total childhood humour and fantasy.

The tales all involved storytelling by way of dance, music and acting and I was moved by The Lepidoctor (about a boy who visits a museum and frees all the butterflies) horribly enthralled by The Pearce Sisters (two women who gut fish and have a strong dislike for humankind) and found myself giggling at The Button Thief (about a bad tempered horse with a flatulence problem who steals buttons).

The staff and the theatre are absolutely fabulous and based on my recent visit, I will definitely be heading back.