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The Devil at Midnight

Hard-Nosed Cow Theatre Company presents The Devil at Midnight by Brian Clemens on 21st March, 7:30pm at The Garage, Norwich.

At the stroke of midnight, the nightmares come. A lonely, terrifying old house, the sound of the sea crashing against the cliffs far below, and a bearded devil who carries her away into the cold.

Psychotherapist Liz Burns (Jenny Belsey) is determined to help her unexpected patient, Nicki (Sabrina Poole), whose dreams are invaded by memories of a dark past. Little does Liz realise, as she delves deeper into Nicki’s childhood traumas, that she will unleash a history that will place her own family in deadly peril. For even the most diabolical nightmares are nothing when the appalling horrors of past reality are confronted.

Writer Brian Clemens, famed for his work on popular TV dramas such as The Avengers and Bergerac, brings all the suspense and mystery of his screen work to the stage in this high-tension, fast-paced thriller, directed by UEA lecturer Richard Hand.

Performed previously in 2018 with the Great Hall Players, the original director and cast return under the banner of Hard-Nosed Cow, a new theatre company formed by Sabrina Poole that is dedicated to creating performances that are more than just shows, there are experiences. The group occupy The Garage for one night only with a revamped version of the show that promises more terror and more tension as it drags its audience into a nightmare that strays into reality.

The cast is completed by Phillip Rowe as Jack Burns, Liz’s politically ambitious and cheeky husband who is haunted by his own demons, and Alex Mann as Billy, Nicki’s brother and only supporter as she lives through her terrors.

Hard-Nosed Cow’s ‘The Devil at Midnight’ comes to The Garage, Norwich on 21st March 2020, 7:30pm. Tickets are £10 adult, £8 concession, £30 family. For more information or to purchase visit


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