The Floyd Effect: They Told Us What To Dream

by | Jun 25, 2024 | Featured, Music

Can it really be eighteen months since The Floyd Effect embarked upon their “They Told Us What To Dream” tour? It seems as if it was only a few weeks ago that they stepped out for the first time to play their most musically ambitious concert to date, but they’ve now taken it all over the country – from Dundee to Tavistock and from Ulverston to Sevenoaks, with many stops between.

But on 1st August 2024 the tour will come to a climax in the Epic TV Studios in Norwich, with the band’s last performance to feature all of Wish You Were Here, Dark Side Of The Moon and Echoes in the same setlist. “How can they top that?” you might ask and, to be honest, it’s going to be hard. So why don’t you take the opportunity to experience The Floyd Effect in full flight as they perform Pink Floyd’s greatest albums in a single show, as well as other tracks from Meddle and The Wall, with even a surprise nod in the direction of their psychedelic roots. It promises to be a great evening, and we would love to see you there.

Having toured since 2007, The Floyd Effect has become rightly renowned for the remarkable accuracy with which it performs the iconic music of Pink Floyd. All of the band’s members are top quality musicians who have worked with the likes of David Bowie, Janet Jackson, Jon Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams and Keith Emerson, and they faithfully recreate the music and intensity of a Pink Floyd concert without recourse to backing tracks, racks of computers, or other technological wizardry. Every note that you hear is played and sung on stage by the band, making each concert a genuine ‘live’ experience, powerful, immersive and emotional.

The music is supported by a dramatic show that incorporates the iconic circular screen, lights, lasers, and projections that incorporate some of Pink Floyd’s own images and some of the band’s own. Unless you were there the first time round, the music of Pink Floyd was never as real as this.

The Floyd Effect is based in Cambridge, UK – the only place that an authentic Pink Floyd tribute could be.

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