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Do you want to get your LIVE event seen by visitors to our website or readers of our magazine – here’s our quick guide to what you can do for FREE!

Register at GrapevineLIVE

Your registration will be manually approved – this normally takes about 24hrs, longer at weekends and immediately after deadline when we are putting the magazine together!

Log In to Submit Your Event

Have all the details ready:

  1. The band name, or production name – that’s the EVENT TITLE (required) Note: keep it short, do not include “XYZ Promotions Present” that can go in the description or “live at ABC Venue” we know its LIVE we only do LIVE entertainment and the venue name comes later.  (Why? Because we need to truncate the details to get them on a single line in the magazine.)

2. A text file with a description of the event – the EVENT DESCRIPTION (required)

3. The EVENT TIME & DATE – you’d be surprised but it does get forgotten! (required)

4. An EVENT IMAGE a .jpg image smaller than 500kB – any larger will fail to load, oh and landscape orientation works best. (optional)

5. Select ONE EVENT CATEGORY from the dropdown list (required)

6. Add EVENT TAGS – you tag on social media don’t you? This is no different. Tag your music genre for example: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Classical, Hip Hop – separate each tag with a comma. There are no limits to the number of tags you add but we suggest no more than ten.(optional)

7. Select the VENUE DETAILS from the dropdown list – in the unlikely event that your venue is not listed just add the venue details to the event description and we will create the venue when we approve your entry. (required)

Can’t find your venue?  We have over 2,500 local venues on our database but things change over time.  New venues crop up, old ones change names.  If your venue is not showing up in the drop down list here is what to do: leave the venue as  “*** SELECT VENUE FROM LIST ***” then include the venue address details (complete with postcode)  in the description.  When we go through the approval process we will create the new venue and edit the details out of the description.

8. Select the PERFORMER DETAILS from the dropdown list (optional). If your band is not listed email with the details – and ADD PERFORMER PLEASE in the subject line.

9. Add an EVENT WEBSITE – it may be your own website or a Facebook page (optional)

10. Include the EVENT COST – our system only caters for a single price, we suggest you add the most expensive ticket price and just the number, so 10 for £10 or 7.50 fro £7.50.  If the event is FREE, enter 0 (the number zero) – (optional)

This gets you a free listing in the magazine and on our website.  Want more?  Advertise with us in Grapevine Magazine or online at and see how we can make your event stand out from the rest – talk to the sales team on 01473 400 380

NOTE: Grapevine is all about LIVE entertainment, we do not list Karaoke, DJ Sets, Discos, Quiz Nights, Charity or Community Sales, nor do we list Films, Exhibitions or Sporting Events. However, if your event involves musicians, bands, actors, performance dancers, comedians or spoken word performers then this is the place to add your LIVE entertainment event.
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