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The Secret Garden Local Young Cast Announcement


Theatre Royal is proud to announce a cast of local young people who will join professional actors for Theatre Royal’s summer production of The Secret Garden, retold by Nicola Werenowska, Fri 19 Aug – Sat 3 Sept.

Local young people aged between eleven and fifteen auditioned to take part in The Secret Garden back in May and began rehearsals in the last week of July with directors, Owen Calvert-Lyons and David Whitney. For the young people, being part of this production gives them the chance to experience working with industry professionals in professional setting whilst gaining valuable skills enhancing their drama and acting abilities. Our summer and winter in-house productions are a great way for those who enjoy drama at school to take part in the arts outside of the school setting. Being part of a production at Theatre Royal lets our young cast members build confidence, learn new skills and make friends amongst their peers all while putting on a high-quality performance for the public.

Those familiar with the story will remember the three lead roles of Mary, Colin and Dickon which will be taken on by six members of our young cast. Playwright Nicola Werenowska, has brilliantly created the Guardians of The Secrets characters for this production to create a lively and exciting play full of mystery and whispers. Mary Lennox is the stubborn protagonist of the story who parents died tragically in India and consequently, she is sent to live with her Uncle, Mr Craven, in his manor on the Yorkshire moors. Colin Craven, Mr Cravens, son is a tyrannical child who is disabled and has been treated as an invalid since birth. Dickon Sowerby, described as a ‘common moor boy’, looks after all of the animals on the estate and is at one with nature. His positive outlook and power to tame animals moves the story and the characters through evolution throughout the play. The new role of The Guardians of The Secrets are members of a secret club of onlookers who watch from the side-lines but are careful to intervene. They love secrets but are divided whether to share them or to keep them.

The Secret Garden has two young crewmembers that are learning from the theatre’s talented technician team. They’ll be getting a taste of what it takes to put on a show from behind the scenes and gain skills that can be applied to any live performance in the future. Being a young crewmember helps to put their knowledge into practise in a real stage environment with expert guiding them all the way through.

The Secret Garden is Theatre Royal’s summer production and is a great way for families to enjoy live entertainment in the heart of Bury St Edmunds. This classic story of magic and friendship will inspire them to enjoy nature across the summer holidays. Tickets from £10.80.



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