The Snow Queen at Cambridge Junction

We could all do with a bit of festivity and Cambridge Junction are looking to provide it with their new Panto, ‘The Snow Queen’, coming to your very screens at home. 

Cambridge Junction have announced that New International Encounter (NIE), the team behind Snow White (2018) and Beauty & the Beast (2016) are back with a brand-new family adventure this Christmas direct to your living room in collaboration with the Tabacco Factory Theatres! 

Audiences are invited to join Gerda on her quest to save her best friend Kaj from the Snow Queen in the frozen north. The tale of enduring friendship will feature a broken mirror, wild woods, a Mongolian yurt, helpful crows and a reindeer or two! 

Early bookers will be able to play along with the show using an accompanying activity parcel available to order on the Cambridge Junction website. This limited-edition pack will include a map of the Snow Queen’s world, a piece of the ogre’s mirror and lots of fun activities to play at home. Downloadable activities will also be available on the website. 

Cat Moore, executive producer at NIE, said: “We also hope that people are inspired to carry on playing with the objects after the show is finished and really enjoy singing along with all the songs and seeing all the lovely characters.”

Instead of being a live performance that we’re all used to, NIE has pre-recorded their 45-minute show outdoors, in an expansive woodland area, so that audiences feel like they’re really going on this incredible journey with Gerda and all of her friends in this magical world. 

Cat said: “I think it’s been an enormous learning curve, it’s been a really big team effort from the NIE and the Junction to put all of this together. It’s actually really nice to be doing something and to be able to share something this creative in a year where a bunch of things have had to close.”  

NIE received some help from the Cultural Recovery Fund, which allowed for them to put all of this on. They hope to be able to be back with a live performance soon, once they are able to. 

Cat explained: “We’ve deliberately made the tickets a pay what you can offer as well so it’s not a normal ticket price, which means it will be accessible for a lot of people. Anything that people can do to help, either in donations or making sure that they buy tickets or come back to the venue when it’s able to open again is great for the future.”

Matt Burman, Artistic Director at Cambridge Junction, said:

“We have been working on plans for our Christmas show for nearly a year now. We had hoped to be welcoming you to Cambridge Junction to experience this live, but with there being a pandemic on this obviously isn’t possible this year. However, I’m really excited by the work that NIE are doing to make a digital chapter of this epic and classic Christmas tale, and excited too to bring everyone together online to share the premiere with our audiences on 20 December.”

Despite it all, The Cambridge Junction and NIE hope to put a festive smile on all of their audience members faces. 

Cat said: “I think what we wanted to do is to bring something that was joyful and fun at Christmas because, for lots of people, coming to see the Christmas show at the Junction is a real treat at the end of the year. We get grandparents and families that come year after year and it felt like it would be such a pity to not be able to offer anything. We’d love to see everyone recreate the show’s costumes and hear what they think of our new interactive performance!” 

Cambridge Junction is also pleased to confirm that BSL (British Sign Language) interpreted and subtitled versions of the show will be available.

To get your own copy of ‘The Snow Queen’ simply head to Cambridge Junction’s website and book a ticket, don’t forget to make a donation! You can also order your own interactive parcel to use alongside the show on the website as well.