A Brave Face

The UK’s leading full mask theatre company, Vamos Theatre, is bringing its new production A Brave Face to Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds in April. Afghanistan: 2009. Ryan is there to see the world, learn a trade and get a life. Training’s complete, combat is a buzz. But on one particularly hot and desperate tour of duty, Ryan sees things he can’t talk about, to anyone. And when he returns home, the trouble really begins.

Created from two years of research with ex and serving soldiers, families and health professionals, A Brave Face explores Post-Traumatic Stress, an unseen and often unrecognised injury of war, and the impact it can have on even the closest of families. With compassion and fearlessness, Vamos brings its trademark, wordless, full mask style to a story that needs to be told.

Artistic Director Rachael Savage has been at the forefront of the research, which has seen her meeting not only Veterans, but their families, serving personnel, organisations and professionals who support those living with PTS. Rachael comments, “We want A Brave Face to show honestly what PTS is and can mean to soldiers and to their families, who often find themselves on the frontline in coping with the condition: they deal with the trauma, as well as instability, social isolation, loneliness – often with no support.”

Working without words creates a personal kind of communication in which difficult issues can be more easily approached. Rachael promises that A Brave Face, whilst sometimes being raw, is also often funny and always compassionate. Whilst the show’s objective is to highlight how some people living with PTS are feeling failed by the system, it does so in a way that good theatre can – by showing the human story behind the labels and statistics, and the importance of creating hope.

Catch A Brave Face at the Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds on Monday 23rd April. Tickets available at the Box Office on 01284 769505, or book online at www.theatreroyal.org, or visit the theatre in person.