Blofeld and Baxter: Rogues On The Road

The brand new show containing all new tales from the travels of two of the world’s best-loved broadcasters returns for a highly anticipated extra innings.

” A show that is not so much about cricket as about what happens in the commentary box and beyond”


Following a hugely successful tour of their new show in 2015, Blowers and Backers are back by popular demand this year for a Spring extension of their hit show Rogues on the Road – crammed full of even more wonderful (and occasionally outrageous) anecdotes from two extensive careers spent broadcasting around the globe.

” All that’s missing is the distant knock of leather on willow”


Bastions of the beloved Test Match Special with over 80 years in the commentary box and touring the globe between them, Henry and Peter have some great tales to tell.

“Some terrific tales”

Daily Mail

Henry ‘My Dear Old Thing’ Blofeld is one of Britain’s most loved and recognizable broadcasters, while legendary producer of TMS Peter Baxter has been corralling lost passports, misplaced visas, and errant broadcasters for over 34 years. Between them they’ve seen plenty of shenanigans across the years and across the globe, so come ready to be shocked and entertained by good men behaving badly.

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Other venues for this show are listed below:

Venue: The Cricketers, Weston

Date: Thursday 3rd March

Box Office: 0779 202 3211


Venue: The Brook, Ely

Date: Sunday 13th March

Box Office: 0135 372 1748


Venue: Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich

Date: Wednesday 30th March

Box Office: 01603 620 917